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About Us

Meet Danitza H. Mack

CEO, D. Mack Consulting Group, LLC.

D. Mack Consulting Group, LLC, is a testament to the power of leveraging deep expertise and a passion for transformative change in the business world. Founded and led by a distinguished Air Force (AF) veteran with over 20 years of strategic management experience, our firm embodies the principles of discipline, excellence, and strategic foresight. After a commendable career in the service, our founder transitioned into the consulting realm with a mission to empower small businesses. The goal was clear: to establish solid foundations for these organizations, enabling efficiency and ensuring their long-term sustainability.

We specialize in developing bespoke systems and processes for a diverse array of organizations. Our approach is tailored to each client, ensuring the creation of streamlined operations that enhance both efficiency and effectiveness. Our expertise has enabled countless businesses to not only survive but thrive, by implementing strategies that guarantee long-term sustainability.

Our Team

Our team of experienced consultants work together to create customized business management solutions for every client. Our skilled team members each bring their own unique area of expertise to the table and are committed to helping your business thrive. Discover what we can do for you today.


chad Brady

Revenue Growth Strategist Consultant

Chad Brady is a skilled revenue growth strategist with expertise in lead generation and sales conversion. With years of experience, he has a proven track record of achieving significant revenue growth and increasing profitability for businesses of all sizes and industries. Chad excels in collaborating closely with clients, understanding their unique needs, and tailoring solutions to fit their specific goals and objectives. He is a natural leader with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, passionate about building strong relationships and helping businesses succeed. Chad is highly effective and a trusted partner for businesses seeking sustainable revenue growth and increased profitability.


Strategic Leadership Consultant

Dr. Leslie M. Dillard, a native of Huntsville, Alabama, is a retired U.S. Army veteran with 35 years of service. She is also a number one best selling author, motivational speaker, spoken word artist, and playwright residing in San Antonio, Texas. As a strategic leadership consultant, Leslie specializes in helping organizations navigate complex challenges and achieve their goals. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Leslie has a proven track record of delivering results through effective strategy development, change management, and leadership coaching. She is a skilled collaborator and communicator, with a keen ability to understand her client's needs and tailor solutions to fit their unique circumstances. Leslie is passionate about empowering leaders and teams to reach their full potential and achieve sustainable success.



Social Media Management Consultant

Meet Jaidyn White, a social media management consultant with experience helping businesses build their online presence and engage with their audiences. With expertise in content creation and community management, Jaidyn is passionate about creating and executing social media strategies that drive results. She is a master at crafting unique and compelling content that resonates with followers and is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Our Expertise

At D. Mack Consulting Group,LLC., we are committed to your success. We leverage our comprehensive expertise to guarantee it.  


Expertise in Strategic Planning

​20 years+ of hands-on experience in developing comprehensive strategic plans that align with client objectives and market dynamics. We have a proven track record in facilitating strategic planning sessions, SWOT analysis, and goal setting to ensure actionable and measurable outcomes.


Developing Effective Systems & Processes

Specialized in diagnosing and redesigning business processes to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. We implement best practices in process optimization, leveraging technology to streamline operations and reduce costs.


Change Management Leadership

Extensive experience in guiding organizations through significant change initiatives, ensuring minimal disruption and positive outcomes. Expertise in developing change management strategies that address resistance, enhance buy-in, and ensure stakeholders are aligned with new directions.


Enhancing Performance & Productivity

Demonstrated success in implementing performance management systems that align employee activities with organizational goals. We are skilled at implementing metrics and frameworks to measure and enhance individual and team performance. 

Our Approach

Team Brainstorm

At D. Mack Consulting Group, LLC., we believe in a collaborative approach. We work closely with our clients, involving them at every step of the consulting process.

Our solutions are not just theoretical models; they are practical, executable strategies designed to yield measurable results. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our services to the unique challenges and opportunities of each client, ensuring a personalized experience that drives real-world success.

Schedule a free consultation and discover the DMCG difference! 

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