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Establishing a Solid Foundation (Self-Guided)




7 Weeks

About the Course

In our 7 weeks together, you will learn how to implement the processes necessary to develop and manage your business. The goal of our program is IMPLEMENTATION. To implement the necessary systems & processes that lead to your success, we will discuss the following.

Week 0: Developing the Right Mindset for Success

Week 1: Strategic Planning: Developing Your Goals and Objectives

Week 2: Developing Systems and Processes

Week 3: Strategic Marketing: Reaching Your Target Audience

Week 4: Determining & Developing the Right Team

Week 5: The Art of Risk Management

Week 6: Sustainment & Growth Long Term

This course provides worksheets and downloadable material to help guide you through each process.

Your Instructor

Danitza Mack

Danitza H. Mack (affectionately known as Dee Mack) is the founder and CEO of D. Mack Consulting Group, LLC (DMCG), whose mission is to help businesses thrive! As a strategic management consultant and problem solver, she helps organizations establish solid foundations designed to sustain growth, increase efficiency, decrease risk, and maximize profit and advises business professionals on how to take their business and careers to the next level.

Danitza Mack
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