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Paradigm Shift

Sometimes to operate at the level God has called us to requires a paradigm shift. Shifting paradigms can prove to be a bit challenging. A paradigm is a "framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community" ( But in this context, paradigms are patterns of conditioning based on past experiences which greatly affect how you view the world and yourself. I often say that one cannot live beyond what they believe. The same is true here.

Sometimes the things we experience in life have to be confronted. I grew up in an abusive home which reinforced in me the belief that failure was not an option. It was so ingrained into who I was that I struggled with perfectionism. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with always doing your best or wanting to do things right. But the truth is that it affected me so much, that when I did make a mistake or fell short of a goal I classified myself as a failure. I attribute that false belief to the reason I struggled with suicidal thoughts - ultimately my "failures" made me feel like I was worthless. But everybody fails. Nobody always gets it right. And failing often gives one the opportunity to grow.

I was recently reminded of a story whereas it took the creators of the cleaning product 409 four hundred and nine tries until they were satisfied with the product they now have. Thomas Edison in creating the light bulb did not classify his journey as failure, even though it took him an exponential amount of times to make it work. It was his failure and persistence that allows us to integrate his invention into our everyday lives.

Your purpose is greater than you. Anything God has called you to do is so great that it will require more than your intellect, and your courage (though you do need both). It requires a sensitivity to his leading and a shift in the way you think. Often we put ourselves into a box whose barriers are often limited by our patterns of thinking. But it is necessary to align our thinking to the one who has called us to this great work.

Lately the story of Gideon in the bible keeps coming up (Judges 6). There was a problem where he lived. People were starving because their enemy came up against them to destroy "the produce of the earth" and they would leave no sustenance for Israel. But the answer to the problem was Gideon, whom God referred to as a mighty man of valor, even though he considered himself to be from the weakest clan and the least in his father's house. God proved to Gideon that he was the answer. But Gideon had to act in spite of his erroneous beliefs. He ended up destroying the enemy and restoring the peace of Israel. For forty years they lived at peace.

Where we come from does not determine what you are capable of. God (and you) is your only limitation.

So, what am I saying? Perspective is everything! It is your perspective that really determines whether you will be successful in the face of what you may classify as failure. I ask you, what problem are you an answer to?

As an etrepreneur, how you think has to be confronted. How you think is really the difference between whether you come into all that God has purposed, or really fall short of your expected end. I remind you today, that you are great. You are here for a reason. You are the answer to someone's problem. You were created to be a solution in the earth. Get your mind right and get ready to conquer.