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New Year or New Day?

Today matters…

I'm so excited about year 2022. It just seems like a new year brings with it such anticipation for the possibility that exists within the year to come. It really does bring a sense of excitement as we consider the opportunities for change that all of a sudden become "realized" because a new year is upon us—especially in light of the things we failed to accomplish the year before.

We often make resolutions that reflect our desire to not waste time with the things that we've allowed to distract us in the past. So, we make resolutions about the things we know we need to do and we often wait till the start of the new year because it's a fresh start. But you know, last year was just 3 days ago! I want to challenge your paradigm. A year is made up of 365 days for which new possibilities exist. Today is not only a new year, but today is a new DAY, and every day in this year has great potential! The gift is that 365 more days have been added to our calendar. The truth is, that we are not promised to see all 365 days—so we have to be intentional about making each day count!

Here's an important question: How have you prepared for this year to be different than last year? Don’t just rush past this question! Think about it! Even though a new year brings with it countless possibilities and hope for the future, none of them can be entered into without preparation. In other words, if you haven't positioned yourself to take advantage of this new year or – through my perspective, this new day – how can you expect it to turn out any different than the year before?

I was recently watching a movie on Netflix called Long Story Short. In this movie, the main character’s life was progressing at an alarming rate. It seemed that every few minutes, his life forwards 12 months. Each time this happened, he realized how much he missed but didn’t have much opportunity to do anything about it before time progressed forward another year. This movie relays the idea that life is really short – and quite often, we waste the time we have focused on all the wrong things. From experience I can attest to this fact.

I read a book called Today Matters and in it, John Maxwell said “yesterday ended last night” which means that no matter how bad yesterday was, or even what you failed to do yesterday, that day is over. You can't get it back. You can't do anything about what you did you failed to do yesterday, but today? Today has a world of possibilities so, make the most of it. Making the most of each day will essentially determine if our year will be different than it was last year. Make your day a great one.