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Key Ingredient to Your Success

I feel like often throw words around but rarely have a true idea for the meaning of the words we utilize so often. If you notice, in my communications with others, I define words a lot, because I need you to know what I am truly saying. I need you to receive the message I am conveying to you, as this message could very well be the key that unlocks the potential of your dreams.

Today I would like to talk about the importance of consistency. I talk about this a lot because consistency is valuable and a necessary ingredient in the achievement of ANYTHING. Do you hear me? If you want to achieve anything in life, then you will have to understand and become very acquainted with consistency. So what's the big deal?! Well, let me tell you. Check this out!

The definition of consistency, according to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, is "the quality or fact of staying the same at different times; especially: the quality or fact of being good each time." I have chosen to emphasize these words because businesses have to be concerned with reputation. How you position yourself in the minds of consumers is very vital to your business' viability (its ability to survive). But your reputation will be determined by people's consistent experience with your business. In other words, the consistent delivery of goods and services whenever they encounter you will lead people to make judgements about how necessary (or valuable) your business is to them. These judgements will either keep them coming back to you (ensuring that you experience growth and success) or will keep them from ever dealing with you and your business again (ensuring your immediate demise). Have you ever noticed how fast bad news spreads?

Most customers want a consistent experience with you. My favorite restaurant (J. Alexanders) is my favorite restaurant because of the experience I have every time I go there. My favorite meal is my favorite meal because it tastes the same (delicious!) every time I order it. The customer service I receive, no matter who greets me at the front, or takes my order is phenomenal each time. I keep coming back because of my experience. The goal of every business should include delivering quality goods and services consistently each time someone has the opportunity to experience them. But how do we ensure that the experience we deliver to people is consistent every time they encounter us? The answer is to work on building consistency. (This is where systems and processes come in, but that is for another day). You have to "design" what your customer experience will be and put measures in place to ensure that they experience that consistently.

Many entrepreneurs get frustrated with the lack of progression towards their success. They often feel like they have nothing to show for the work they put in. But, let me tell you the solution to achieving your goals: CONSISTENCY. The one thing I know about consistency is that it yields results. Eat right consistently and watch your body transform. Exercise consistency and watch your body transform. Be consistent at ANYTHING and watch transformation happen in that area. Quite often however, we get started—and we go hard—but stop when it gets hard or when we get discouraged, which causes us to lose momentum. And let me let you in on a little secret. When you do decide to pick it back up, you essentially have to start all over because you don’t have the power of momentum on your side anymore. So, if you don't see results, could it perhaps be because you haven't been consistent? Only you can answer that question.