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It's Bigger Than You Think

This blew my mind...

A man is being followed by a multitude of people. This man's words are so far beyond anything that people have heard. It's life giving. And the people want more! So this man borrows a vessel and continues to teach the people from this vessel. And the people are attentive to his every word...

Behind the scenes of what they don't even realize is that the vessel he borrowed belongs to a fisherman. A fisherman who had been unsuccessful at catching fish the evening before. A fisherman whose livelihood was dependent on him catching fish. He had been out there all night. The conditions were right. He was skilled at his profession. But he caught nothing. Now, retiring for the day, and no doubt frustrated, he starts washing his net and this man comes along and asks to borrow his vessel. Little did he know that this encounter was purposeful. His life would change that day...

After the man finishes speaking to the multitude of people, he turns to the owner of the boat and tells him to go back out to the deep and let his net down for a haul. At this point he explains that he was already out there and toiled all night but he hadn't caught anything. Doesn't this sound familiar?

Many entrepreneurs find themselves relating to this fisherman's life. It seems that we are not really doing as well as we could be or even should be. It's not that we are not skilled. It's not that the conditions aren't right. But for some reason, nothing is happening. At least not on the scale that it should be happening for us. I admit that I can relate. The fish aren't biting like they should and after putting in all that work, effort, and passion into what I am doing, it just doesn't seem worth it at times.

This fisherman agrees to go back out at the man's insistent request. He lets his net down. Yo! What's happening? This time he caught so many fish that his net was breaking. He had to call his buddies to come help him. They were previously out there with him as well. Their boats were so filled with fish that they started sinking. Check this! Three boats full of fish, when previously they didn't catch one thing.

The more my purpose becomes clear, the more I realize how much I don't know about how to accomplish my purpose. I am realizing that my purpose is great and that it is bigger than me. It is about more than owning a business and helping people solidify their business foundations. It is really about what God desires to do in the earth through you. Partnering with God brings about the manifestation of the things we can never accomplish on our own.

People hate on God (though secretly hoping for his approval). Being a lover of Jesus Christ is not popular. Going back to biblical days, it never has been. But the truth remains that God is our creator and anything that we are to accomplish is going to be accomplished through his wisdom and direction, not ours. Your gifts, intelligence, sales techniques, and personality can only take you but so far. That is what I am learning as I learn to lean into him to discover how to accomplish this great work that I have been called to.