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Get Your Mind Right!

Being successful in business is 80% mental amd 20% hard work. I cannot tell you the countless number of times that I encounter those who are more than capable of achieving success, but don't because of their stinking thinking.

One of my favorite stories is found in the 13th chapter of Numbers. This story communicates the importance of thought. God had given them the land and sent them to get a sneak peek at this treasure they were about to come into, but, instead of getting excited, they got caught up in fear because of what they saw. Immediately, they determined within themselves that they were not capable of coming into it. Really what they were saying was that they weren't even willing to try because they felt like "grasshoppers" compared to the people they encountered. This same story contrasts a completely different mindset from two of the individuals that were exposed to the same promise, the same sneak peek, and the same land. They were of the thought that if God said the land was theirs, they were more than capable of coming into it. Both groups encountered the SAME set of circumstances. What then, was the difference in what they were able to accomplish?

Henry Ford said, "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right." Your mental disposition will affect not only what you are willing to do, but able to do. Given that, I often find it necessary to address the mental disposition of my clients because I can tell when they become overwhelned by the magnitude of their dreams. It's not that it won't be overwhelming at times. It is not that you can't feel overwhelmed. You just can't let that stop you from continuing to build. While you still have the responsibility to DO something, it all starts with your mindset. As Henry Ford alluded to, you cannot live beyond what you believe. It is impossible to do so. Deal with your feelings. Deal with your thoughts...and keep it moving.