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2 Little Pigs Got This Wrong!

The foundation of a building is one of the most important aspects of that building. It takes patience and the right conditions to establish this foundation. It also takes skilled individuals who understand just what to do to produce a solid foundation.

Likewise, building your vision starts with the proper foundation. Systems and processes are to a business what the foundation is to a building. Most people have no idea what systems and processes are, which kind of sheds light on why so many people start a business without having the proper foundation in place. To shed light on the importance of systems and processes I will give you the simple definition of systems and processes. A system is an organized collection of parts that work together to accomplish an overall goal. A process is a series of actions that lead to an intended result. So, systems and processes are utilized to get a business to get to a desired result efficiently and effectively. They take into account all business activities necessary to get the company to meet its goals and objectives. Consider them the necessary ingredients to direct and sustain everything that a company will do to get to their final destination

Much like the blueprints an architect uses to build an actual building, systems and processes take multiple things into consideration prior to actually starting the great work that is to be accomplished. It's such a vital and crucial step in the building process. Why would anyone set out to build something great without stopping to consider all aspects of what must be built, as well as the conditions in which it must endure? It puts me in mind of the story of the 3 little pigs. We all know the conclusion of that story, but if you consider the story in terms of building your vision, you most certainly want to ensure your "house" stands despite what may come against it. It only makes sense. Why invest energy, time, money - your hard earned resources towards something that will only crumble in the end?

Ask any architect and they will tell you that the higher the building, the deeper and wider the foundation has to be. Likewise, the greater the vision, the deeper and wider your business foundation must be. Building a solid foundation doesn't happen by chance. It happens by design. So, how do you build a solid foundation? Ask me now and I'll show you how!